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9:30AM Bible Fellowship Classes
10:45AM Worship Service

Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.

Our Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are discipleship classes for adults and youth which meet on Sunday mornings. We currently offer four "tracks" of classes that adjust schedule every quarter of the year (exact room locations vary). We intentionally plan a variety of instruction and topics for all aspects of the Christian life.

Theology Track

This track always teaches an area of systematic theology or some other aspect of doctrine that is needful and helpful for sound belief.

Practical Growth Track

This track always teaches exegetically-grounded practical theology for life and godliness. This track emphasizes the need to change and grow in our Christian walk and how the means of that sanctification is knowing and applying God's Word in dependence upon God's Spirit.

Exposition Track

This track always teaches directly through a book of the Bible and intentionally does so from all parts of Scripture. We believe a regular diet of hearing God's Word taught verse-by-verse is always needful and profitable.

Foundations Track

This track always teaches foundational or basic elements of biblical belief and/or godly living (doctrine, discipleship, apologetics, spiritual disciplines, etc.). It's designed to be an introduction to basics and an inspiration for deeper study. We encourage junior high and senior high youth to attend this track.